Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.- The EMERGENTE BC session was held at the Carlos Monsiváis Cinematheque of the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) with material from the students of the Bachelor of Cinematography and Audiovisual Media of Observatorio Centro de Cinematographic Studies, as reported by Abelardo Vázquez Ramos, Director of Creative Industries of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation (SEI). A total of 19 projects divided into four sections were presented.

The first section was called "Observation Exercises", which includes the works “Las ciudades que habitamos” by Luis Fernando Celaya; “La Dinámica de la Ciudad” by Valente Herrera; “Video Ensayo del Gato” by Enrique Lopez; “Video Ensayo del Perro” by Pedro Anguiano; “Muro” by Ivana González; and “El peso del pasado” by Cristian Maciel. The section “Escucha / Observa” is conformed by “Gerbera” directed by Xenia Romero Casillas; “Matilda” by Angélica Toba; “Sol y Luna” by Ariana Durazo and Angélica Toba; “Me Miras Desde Lejos” by Aaron Piñal; and “Vestiglo Nocturno” by Abraham Joya.

“Observadores en Corto” included “El Atraco” by Rodrigo Leyva; "6:33" by Silvana Garcia; "Pointe" by Ariana Durazo; “Putrefacto” by Angélica Toba and Piñatas; "Pieles" by Diana Márquez; "En los Mejores Términos " by Alan Junkin. Finally, the “Realizadores Observatorio” section presented the short films “Aurelio” by Daniela Salazar; "Hubiera" by Ivana González; and “¿El corazón está en el cerebro?” by Reyna Tovar, as indicated by Javier Espinoza, Baja Film Commissioner, agency in charge of the program.

This is the second time that Observatorio presented in this cycle, and its director Enrique González Silva commented: "We are very happy to be part of the Emergente BC short film exhibition again, now with projects by our first and second generation students in its second year of the degree, we are witnessing their growth and how with each project carried out they are forming their career. Congratulations to the students who participated in the short films presented in this edition”.

EMERGENTE BC will continue in the month of May with the participation of students from the University of Advanced Technologies (UNIAT AC).