Baja California

Baja California is located in the extreme northwest of the northwest region of Mexico, bordering to the north with the state of California, United States of America; to the east with the Mexican state of Sonora and the Sea of Cortez or Gulf of California; to the south with Baja California Sur and to the west with the Pacific Ocean. It has an approximate of 4 million inhabitants. It is divided into six municipalities (Ensenada, Mexicali, San Quintín, Tecate, Tijuana and Rosarito) and in its territory you can find a wide variety of locations including deserts, dunes, mountains, rock formations, forests, beaches, valleys, towns, buildings and urban areas.

With a history of high-level film projects, such as the development and construction of Baja Studios for the filming of the movie “Titanic” (1997), which received 11 Academy Awards and was considered the highest-grossing feature film in history. Due to its location in the border area, it was used on multiple occasions for international productions, mainly developed in those studios.

The effort of qualified professionals residing in Baja California has yielded an average of 70 productions per year, including in addition to feature films, short films, documentaries, and web / television series, for example “Fear the Walking Dead” (AMC, 2015), "Selena: The Series" (Netflix, 2020), "Coyote" (CBS, 2021) and "Marea Alta" (VIX+, 2023).