Tijuana, Baja California, México.- 15 works by students from CUT Universidad de Tijuana were exhibited at the Carlos Monsiváis Cineteca of the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) as part of the EMERGENTE BC program, created by the Commission of Baja California Cinematography, as reported by Abelardo Vázquez Ramos, Director of Creative Industries of the Secretary of Economy and Innovation of the State Government.

The 19th session of EMERGENTE BC included for the third time the projects of the students of the Film and Audiovisual Production major at CUT Universidad de Tijuana, which were fiction and documentary short films, and music videos. The participating titles are “Luz y Viento” directed by Hugo Rivas, “Margaritas” by Ana Belbri, “Atrapado en un sitcom” by René Cuevas, “Madera Roja” by Orlando Ortega, “En 1920” by Vanessa Quintero, “Realidad Espejo” by Aimée Farrera, “Te Entiendo” by Fernanda Osuna, “Paranoia” by Joshua Flores, “Querido Corazón Delator” by Fatima Torres, “The Loss” by Angélica Rodríguez, “El Rodaje” by Omar Portugal; and the music videos “Adiós” directed by Jazak Romero, “A Dream of You” by Omar Cano, “Nada” by Pedro Barrios and Isaac Chávez, and “Self-Pity” by Gabriela Rivera.

"It is a pleasure to see the dedication that the schools put into making their presentation at EMERGENTE BC to be better than the previous one. On this occasion, they brought together a group of CUT students to work for two months in the organization of this event," he commented. Javier Espinoza, Commissioner of Cinematography. Coordinated by Professor Joshua García Peña, the event was organized from the school by the project leader María Fernanda Osuna, along with Arleth Orduña Santana, production assistant; Oscar de la Parra Peña, Bryan Jhonatan Moguel Herrera and Ana Lourdes Osuna Aguilar in marketing and advertising; Ximena Escalante Gutiérrez and Nomar Alberto Núñez Delgadillo, in programming; Valeria Espinoza Barajas as switcher; Linda Mercado González as Master of Ceremonies; Luis Gallegos García, Marian Paloma Olivan Limón and Jason Romero Montaño in the registry.

The Academic Coordinator of the Film and Audiovisual Production degree at CUT University, Alejandra Velasco Pegueros, commented that the students have done an "incredible and super professional" job, in addition to thanking the film commission and the Carlos Monsiváis movie theater for providing spaces to promote local creative talent.