• As part of the EMERGENTE BC Program to project the talent of students with the screening of their short films

With the participation of the students of Multimedia Engineering from CESUN University and the Bachelor's Degree in Cinematography from the University of las Californias Internacional (UDCI), the EMERGENTE sessions were held at the Carlos Monsiváis Cineteca del Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT), as reported by Abelardo Vázquez Ramos, Director of Creative Industries of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

EMERGENTE BC is a program created by the Baja California Film Commission for the exhibition of short films by students from public and private educational centers in Baja California. The works presented by the CESUN students are titled “Boomerang” directed and produced by Armando Martínez López; “Perdido” and “Producción Ansiosa”, produced por Dhamar Andrea Gallegos Ramos y directed by Paula Ivanna Aviña De Gante; “Chiripa”, produced by Karen Vargas and directed by Julio Alvarado; “Fotomanía”, produced by Leonardo Calderón and directed by Aldo Vega; “El Artista”, produced by Karen Vargas and directed by Julio Alvarado; “Good Boy” and “Death Wish” produced by Radical Films and directed by Diego Herrera; “Efectos Secundarios - Omar Vox” produced by Ivanna Sánchez and directed by Eliver Bravo. In addition, “La Presa” was shown, directed and produced by Iván Lerma; “Vinilo” produced and directed by Erick David García Morán and Leonardo Sánchez Guerra; “Black Sun” produced by Jairo Ríos Vázquez and directed by Cecilia Lizbeth Esparza Salmón; “Timeloop”, produced by Ramon Schramm and produced by Francia González; and “Bloqueo”, produced by Alexis Valles and directed by Lluvia Esmeralda Tapia Lara.

The Multimedia Engineering Coordinator of CESUN, Carlos Vidrio said: “With this event I reaffirm that one of the main tasks of universities is the construction of ties. Take students out of the classrooms and seek, above all, the exposure of their talents. Emergente has been, this last year, a reason for the effort and dedication of multimedia engineering students to show the highest level in their audiovisual productions. I am very proud of their achievements and I am sure that they will soon reap more.”

Students of the Cinematography Degree at the University of California

For its part, the University of California International (UDCI) presented “G5” directed by Ulises Martínez; “Glen and Cookie” by Salvador Burgueño; “Lenguaje Mental” by Julio Valdez; “Por Distraida” by Ximena Torres; “Steve El Crazy” by Jorge Luis Nieves; “Purity” by Zayd Pinos Lara; “Yukon” by Isvi Verduzco; “Batman” by Adrián Rosas; and “Hematophobia” by Cortes Val, the latter presented in 2022 in Shorts México as part of the Baja California Exhibition, according to Javier Espinoza, Baja Film Commissioner, who coordinates the EMERGENTE BC program.

Diana Trejo, Coordinator of the Degree in Cinematography at the UDCI stated: “This is a platform where students can see their short films on a different screen than the one they are used to, the Cineteca is the goal of any filmmaker from Baja and this It is an opportunity to have the full experience.”

The next edition of EMERGENTE BC will take place on Thursday, October 12, with the works of the students of the Bachelor's Degree in Communication at the Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO).