• Meeting with Deputy Claudia Agatón, President of the Tourism Commission of the XXIV Legislature of the State Congress

Tijuana, Baja California.- In order to continue promoting the audiovisual vocation of Baja California, a work meeting was held between Deputy Claudia Agatón Muñiz, President of the Tourism Commission of the XXIV Legislature of the State Congress and the Director of Creative Industries of the Secretariat of Economy and Innovation (SEI), Abelardo Vázquez Ramos, to establish a joint work program and collaborate inter-institutionally.

The meeting was also attended by the Council President of the Commission of Governance and Legislation of the Ensenada City Council, Juan Antonio Zambrano; the President of the National Chamber of the Film Industry in Baja California (CANACINE BC), Walter von Borstel, accompanied by his chamber advisor, Alfredo González; the director of the Empírica production house, Alejandro Montalvo; the Baja Film Commissioner, Javier Espinoza; and the team from the Directorate of Creative Industries of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

Regarding training, Deputy Agatón specified: "the main need is the professionalization of technical personnel, so it is important to establish collaboration with institutions of higher secondary education, and analysis tables have been established with CONALEP and CECATI".

On the same subject, Walter von Borstel from CANACINE spoke about other states such as Durango, where there are three technical certifications in cinematography, which can be applied in Baja California; Therefore, it seeks to promote cinematography from three perspectives; the economic, cultural and touristic, and recognize that even these actors who reproduce the State in films become figures of ambassadors, for which it is necessary to support this sector.

The Director of Creative Industries highlighted that the work with Dip. Agatón will consolidate the collaboration with the training institutes of CANACINE, through an agreement in order to promote actions such as productions of origin, calls for screenwriters, and encourage the creation of projects that trigger a productive dynamic and consequently contribute to the economy. “An ideal context is proposed in which Baja California becomes the Capital of Cinema”, she concluded