Filming of “Lo Que Diga el Corazón”, fifth feature film by Ensenada director René Bueno, concludes. With locations in Tijuana and starring Jaime Aymerich, Lorena González and the first actor Roberto Sosa, the film is about a single father who must decide the future of his little son before it is too late, as reported by Kurt Honold Morales, Secretary of Economy and Innovation (SEI).

The film was shot over 18 days in various locations in Tijuana, including Chevron Stadium, Parque Morelos, Instituto Arangure, Cumbres de Juárez, Las Olas- Mar y Sol, Centro Cultural Tijuana, Restaurante San Maree, Cava Sautto, Bar Reyes, Colonia Cacho , Vivero Playas, Malecón in Playas de Tijuana, Bar La Tasca, SIMSA Hospital and New City Plaza. The actors Jaime Aymerich, Lorena González, Roberto Sosa, Jeff Fahey, Sonia Cuouh, Verónica Montes, Axel Ricco and Sergio Valenzuela, 8 years old, joined the cast.

Through the SEI's Baja Film Commission, the corresponding Production Notice was issued and support for accommodation was managed through the Public Trust for Tourism Promotion and the National Chamber of the Film Industry (CANACINE), as indicated by Javier Espinoza, head of the area.

Director René Bueno commented: “We had the fascinating experience of filming the first Mexican film with a wonderful boy who has autism, Sergio. The film is a drama titled “Lo Que Diga el Corazón (Whatever the Heart Says)” and is the story of a father who dedicates his entire life to his son, but suddenly faces an enormous challenge.” The script is based on the original idea of Argentine writers Enrique and Feliciano Torres.

The crew was conformed by René Bueno, director and executive producer; Barbarella Pardo, producer and casting director; Lorena González, Jaime Aymerich, and Carolina Aymerich, as executive producers; Alberto Lee, director of photography; Abel Coronilla, gaffer; Ricardo Carreño, sound engineer; Linda Ruiz, production design; Elvia Félix, head of makeup; Lorena Aguilar, costume manager; Border Brothers, grip/electrics; Antonio “Blu” Molina, head of transportation; and food provided by Sky Catering.

“Lo Que Diga el Corazón” is planned to have a three-month post-production, for its subsequent release in theaters and sale to digital platforms. About the project, producer Barbarella Pardo commented: “I am grateful to embark on a journey to raise awareness about such important issues as human trafficking and autism. I am committed to deepening my understanding and awareness of this topic which we will explore in our next project. I hope to contribute meaningfully to making it more visible and authentic in our narrative.”