San Quintín, Baja California, Mexico.- Filming of the feature film “El Guardian”, directed and produced by Nuria Ibañez, is taking place in Bahía de los Ángeles and around San Quintín. The film is the adaptation of the documentary “Una Corriente Salvaje”, nominated for the Ariel Award and winner of Best Documentary Feature at the Morelia Festival.

Filming takes place in Baja California and will last 34 days, generating 80 direct jobs. “El Guardian” tells the story of Basilio, who becomes the new caretaker of a deserted beach, and who eventually stops receiving his salary, forcing him to make the decision to stay in this refuge or return to his town. The cast is headed by actor Gerardo Trejoluna, recently nominated for the Ariel and the Silver Goddess Award for his leading role in “El Norte Sobre el Vacío.” Blake Webb, Andrea Lara, Martín Peralta and Ernesto Rocha also participate.

The production of the feature film is carried out by Cristina Velasco and Nuria Ibañez; Héctor Zubieta, online producer; Marimar Herrerías, production coordinator; Rubén Velázquez, production assistant; Diana Saade, art director; Claudia Becerril, director of photography; Patricia Ortíz, casting director; César Iván lugo Domínguez, gaffer; Octavio Castellanos, location manager; Liliana Sánchez, sound engineer; Raúl Zavala, boom operator; and, Claudia Cid, costume designer. It is estimated that “El Guardian” will have post-production lasting eight months before its tour of national and international film festivals.

Ibañez commented on the project:El Guardian is my first foray into fiction cinema, but it is closely connected to my work as a documentary filmmaker. This film exists thanks to the fact that I was previously able to get closer to the life stories of people as geographically and socially distant from me as Basilio.”